About Me

Name: Mandy
Birthday: 16.12.
Hair Color: Real is: dark Blonde,But my favorite hair color on my is platinum blonde.
Eye Color: green and brown <3
Hight: 168cm
Hobbys: Cosplay,Anime,Manga, Friends, my son, Japan,bath,reading,piercings, tattoos, 50gers.
Favorite Animals: Rabbits,Wolves,mouses and Dogs
Favorite Countrys: Japan, Italy.
Favorite Color: Pink,Black.
Favorite food: Sushi,goulash.!!
Favorite Drink: Sprite, Wather and Milk
Favorite Anime/Manga: Dragonball, ToraDora,Naruto,Maid-sama.
Favorite Music: Rock, j-rock, hardcore, scream.
Favorite Styles: visual punk, gyaru and some streetfashion

Im Mandy, iand live in germany. I have a little son, i'm a Power mother, haha <3
I love Japan, cosplay and Maids, and maid dresses :3

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